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Folkscanomy: Engineering

Folksonomy: A system of classification derived from the practice and method of collaboratively creating and managing tags to annotate and categorize content; this practice is also known as collaborative tagging, social classification, social indexing, and social tagging. Coined by Thomas Vander Wal, it is a portmanteau of folk and taxonomy.

Folkscanomy: A collection of books and text derived from the efforts of volunteers to make information as widely available as possible. Because the metadata related to these scanned books are often done outside the library or cataloging industries, finding material can be more difficult. The Folkscanomy collection attempts to add a layer of classification for easier navigation.

This collection is Folkscanomy Engineering.


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Folkscanomy: A Library of Books
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Date Published
Dictionary of Architecture and Building Construction
Topics: concrete, timber, building, construction, roof, surface, roman, decorative, masonry, classical,...
Residential Landscape Architecture 6th ed. - N. Booth, J. Hiss (Pearson, 2012) BBS
Topics: design, figure, site, designer, outdoor, space, chapter, materials, plants, landscape, design...
The Architecture of Computer Hardware, Systems Software, & Networking An Information Technology Approach 4th ed - I. Englander (Wiley, 2009) BBS
Graphic History of Architecture - (Malestrom)
Topics: temple, roman, greek, columns, dynasty, built, brick, renaissance, empire, concrete, renaissance...
Prefab Architecture - A Guide to Modular Design and Construction - R. Smith (Wiley, 2010) BBS
Topics: construction, building, prefabrication, design, modular, onsite, architects, architecture, project,...
Understanding Architecture Through Drawing - (Malestrom)
Topics: drawing, design, sketch, architecture, buildings, architectural, freehand, architects, sketches,...
Dictionary of Architecture and Building Construction (2008)
Topics: concrete, timber, building, construction, roof, surface, roman, decorative, masonry, classical,...
Digital Drawing for Landscape Architecture
Basics Architecture - Representational Techniques
Topics: drawings, architectural, drawing, design, building, images, architects, scale, cad, perspective,...
The Art of Enterprise Information Architecture(2011)BBS
Topics: data, services, business, metadata, component, enterprise, management, operational, architecture,...
Greek Architecture
Topics: temple, greek, architecture, decoration, columns, ionic, doric, walls, und, cornice, greek...
The Classical Orders of Architecture 2nd ed - R. Chitham (Arch. Press, 2005) BBS
Topics: plate, orders, column, ionic, classical, entablature, corinthian, gibbs, doric, architecture,...
The Fundamentals of Interior Architecture(2007)BBS
Topics: interior, design, architecture, courtesy, fundamentals, materials, light, blacksheep, photograph,...
Topics: landscape, architecture, magazine, asla, jan, architects, landscape architecture, architecture...
Built from Below British Architecture and the Vernacular(2010)BBS
Topics: vernacular, architecture, architectural, buildings, modern, design, building, nave, houses, daisy,...
The Fundamentals of Architecture(2007)BBS
Topics: architecture, building, architectural, design, courtesy, buildings, image, site, architects,...
landscape architecture
Topics: gardens, garden, tropical, plants, rock, japanese, natural, rocks, ornamental, water, tropical...
Architecture Technology and Process - C. Abel (Architectural Press, 2004) BBS
Topics: architecture, gehry, technology, process, architectural, foster, design, seidler, building,...
Architecture Design Notebook, 2nd Ed. - (Malestrom)
Topics: figure, architectural, design, building, notebook, architects, spaces, roof, buildings, scale,...
Basics -Architecture and Dynamics - F. Ullmann (Springer, 2011) BBS
Topics: space, spatial, plane, linear, vertical, elements, form, center, planar, dynamics, plane space,...
Atlas of World Architecture - Y. Wu (Design Media Publ., 2011) BBS
Topics: building, entrance, facade, space, interior, design, exterior, view, spaces, located, general view,...
Green Building - Guidebook for Sustainable Architecture 2009 (Malestrom)
Topics: energy, building, heat, air, cooling, solar, ventilation, facade, indoor, temperature, energy...
Data Architecture - From Zen to Reality - C. Tupper (Morgan Kaufman, 2011) BBS
Topics: data, enterprise, business, architecture, model, chapter, entity, database, process, design,...
TIBCO Architecture Fundamentals (distrib. systs) - P. Brown (Pearson, 2011) BBS
A History of Ottoman Architecture - J. Freely (WIT, 2011) BBS
Goodbye to the Flush Toilet
Topics: toilet, water, composting, flush, wastes, greywater, toilets, tank, sewage, flush toilet,...
1000 X European Architecture - (Malestrom)
Build Your Own Waterless Composting Toilet
Topics: composting, chamber, toilet, compost, waterless, fan, system, waterlesss, loo, liquid, waterless...
Humanure Handbook
Topics: compost, humanure, composting, organic, handbook, chapter, soil, toilet, human, material, humanure...
Portable Architecture
Architecture in Detail II - Graham Bizley(2010)BBS
Green Building - Guidebook for Sustainable Architecture - M. Bauer, et al., (Springer, 2010) BBS
Topics: energy, building, heat, air, cooling, solar, ventilation, facade, indoor, temperature, energy...
IT Architecture for Dummies - K. Hausman (Wiley, 2011)BBS
Dictionary of Ancient Near East Architecture(BBS)
Architecture in Greek
Topics: sculpture, greek, hellenistic, classical, columns, archaic, architecture, agora, temple, acropolis
Intermittently Opperated Slow Sand Filter Thesis
Topics: sand, filter, water, filters, oxygen, faecal, coliform, filtration, influent, slow, slow sand,...
Cambridge University Press Design and Construction in Romanesque Architecture
The Garden as Architecture
Stairs, 2nd Edition (BBS)
Daylighting - Natural Light in Architecture - D. Phillips (2004) WW
Sustainable sanitation manual and construction guidelines for composting toilet
Topics: toilet, composting, chambers, chamber, concrete, floor, slab, false, compost, pipe, false floor,...
BioSand Water Filter-Household Concrete Design
Topics: water, filter, bsf, sand, media, filtering, filters, technology, household, filtration, slow sand,...
Exporting American Architecture [1870-2000] - J. Cody (Routledge, 2003) BBS
Preparation of Media for the BioSand Filter-Three layer system
Topics: media, filter, layer, filtering, water, flow, underdrain, material, preparation, rock, flow rate,...
The Green House
Compost Toilets and Permaculture Design Principles
Topics: compost, permaculture, toilets, design, holmgren, microbes, toilet, ecological, waste, services,...
The Baja Box Urine-Diverting Composting Toilet
Topics: vent, seat, panel, privy, attach, top, plywood, box, hole, sheet, top panel, seat side, privy kit,...
Designing Compost Toilets
Topics: compost, volume, vault, dimensions, width, toilet, length, base, inside, slabs, compost toilet,...
New Horizons for Slow Sand Filtration
Topics: filter, sand, slow, filters, water, operated, filtration, demand, removal, bacteria, slow sand,...
Ecowaters Net-Drum Compost Toilet Plans
Topics: drum, composter, composting, toilet, ecowaters, pipe, fan, compost, wastewater, system, drum...
Advances in Nuclear Architecture (cell biology) - N. Adams, P. Freemont (Springer, 2011) BBS
Compost fertilizer and biogas production from human and farm wastes in China
Topics: biogas, tank, excreta, fermentation, fecal, composting, liquid, eggs, fertilizer, outlet, fecal...
BioSand Filter Health Impact Study Summary-Dominican Republic
Topics: bsf, technology, water, biosand, filter, dominican, davnor, canada, impact, sobsey, bsf technology,...
Toxicant and Parasite Challenge of Manz Intermittent Slow Sand Filter
Topics: filter, water, lake, filtered, metolachlor, waters, sand, manz, input, phenanthrene, sand filter,...
Philosophy and Design - From Engineering to Architecture - P. Vermaas, et al., (June 1, 2009)
compost toilet
Topics: compost, toilets, toilet, water, faeces, chamber, urine, awareness, sanitation, composting, compost...
Operating and Maintaining Compost Toilets
Topics: compost, vault, toilet, ashes, squatting, vaults, removing, rear, lid, sprinkling, compost toilet,...
compost toilets
Topics: compost, toilets, toilet, water, faeces, chamber, urine, awareness, composting, defecation, compost...
Toilets That Make Compost
Topics: urine, pit, toilet, diverting, ecosanres, toilets, ash, arborloo, compost, soil, urine diverting,...
Constructing Compost Toilets
Topics: concrete, compost, vent, forms, rear, mortar, cement, figure, walls, cover, vent pipe, rear wall,...
Water Treatment and Distribution in Communities in Developing Countries
Topics: water, treatment, communities, bsf, distribution, safe, wells, supplies, lhpf, technologies, water...
Humanure Instruction Manual
Topics: compost, humanure, toilet, materials, bin, cover, composting, pile, material, organic, cover...
Compost toilets information sheet
Topics: compost, vent, toilet, chamber, soak, decompose, sewage, decomposition, pathogens, lili
How to build a sawdust toilet
Applied Arch. Patterns on the Microsoft Platform - R. Seroter, et. al., (Packt, 2010) BBS
BioSand Filter Arsenic Removal Report-Bangladesh
Topics: arsenic, bsf, water, bangladesh, removal, ferric, technology, biosand, remove, chemicals, arsenic...
Low Operating Head Polishing Sand Filter-Summary of Technical Description
Topics: lhpf, filter, sand, backwash, water, underdrain, filters, treatment, layers, filtration, slow sand,...
When There is no Crushed Rock-Preparation of Media for the BioSand Filter
Topics: media, filter, water, biosand, bacteria, contaminated, organic, particulate, aggregate, material,...
Information Assurance Architecture - K. Willett (CRC, 2008) BBS
BioSandFilter Steel Mold Construction Manual
Topics: bolts, figure, mold, panel, interior, loosely, puller, panels, attaching, bottom, securely...
Preparation of Media for the BioSand Filter-Four layer system
Topics: media, filter, layer, flow, filtering, material, underdrain, water, depth, layers, flow rate,...
Music Festival Composting Toliets
Topics: straw, containers, toilet, compost, bins, material, composting, cover, bales, jenkins, straw bales,...
Humanure on the Front Page news
Topics: jenkins, sowden, restroom, thai, vietnam, alternative, elimination, joseph, human, popularity
Humanure Toilet Instructions
The Joys of Living with a Composting Toilet